Disclaimer: the Paradox

This is going to be a blog talking about tribalism. It wants to take the ideas of tribalism seriously, to engage with people who make tribal arguments, and weigh whether they are good or bad ideas.

This means quoting lots of interesting articles where people talk about the dynamics within their tribe, and make passionate arguments for the importance of that community. The things I quote will be ones that sound like they can be universally applied to the importance of community in general.

But this leads to the paradox of tribalism, embodied in the cute cat cartoon below. People who really believe in the awesomeness of community, tend to believe in the awesomeness of their community above all.

So, I’ll be quoting from a lot of different sources: black nationalists, traditional American conservatives, techno-utopian geeks, Jewish commentators, Muslim fundamentalists, female secessionists, Marxist analysts, or union organizers.

These articles and authors will generally espouse points of view about their tribe that I otherwise do not agree with at all. They think their cat is the best cat! They also think a lot of weird things probably. I do not agree with their other posts, or sometimes, even the offensive parts later in the same article.


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