Link: The Pensioner and the Aristocrat

On universal basic income and the aristocratic life.


2 thoughts on “Link: The Pensioner and the Aristocrat

  1. So, this subculture _does_ exist. Actually, several of it do.

    First, the subcultures as open to a person with no money. You’ve got —

    The housesitting subculture, people what eschew a “real job” for sitting houses wherever’s needed.

    The Workaway/HelpX/couchsurfing/various alternatives subculture, which is pretty thriving.

    The vagabond subculture, as seem through the lens of Squat The Planet and other gathering places for those voluntarily homeless.

    The commune subculture, which, again, is thriving and is what you think it is.

    And I suspect a bunch of others that I haven’t yet bothered to find because my personal interests lie in the intersection of this subculture and traveling.

    Second, the subcultures for them with cash: the retire-at-35 crowd does exist, and is its own several subcultures (the I’m-going-to-do-good-for-the-world subculture, the I’m-an-aspiring-artist subculture, the I’m-a-libretarian-and-maybe-considering-becoming-an-expatriate subculture, etc.

    Point is, ALL OF THESE SUBCULTURES EXIST, contrary to Yon Author’s opinion, but Yon Author didn’t know about them and didn’t think to seek them out. Why doesn’t Yon Author know about them? Oh, wait, because they aren’t high-prestige, and Yon Author, for all his/her apparent scorn of people who play the prestige game doesn’t think to look for them (bias note: I don’t think I like Yon Author or Yon Author’s face, and it might be showing).

    Also (and this is a side point and not really related to my main point but more related to the point of how I don’t like Yon Author), I really don’t like how Yon Author jumps right into “we _know_ that it’s culture keeping the Bad Poors down, not money, so this problem can’t be solved with money!!!!!!” For someone who gets in a snit about other people having a “low-resolution” view of The Poors, I daresay Yon Author may overestimate the resolution of his/her own views of the same.


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