Where Do We Go From Here

This blog has a lot of rethinking to do. It may or may not go on a hiatus. After last night’s election, there are two very big things to consider.

1. White ethnic tribalism has just surged and put their champion in the White House. Working class whites went for Trump by 40 points, causing respected commentators to say this is WCW starting to vote like a minority group. This is interesting, this is important, and people will be talking about it for decades.

In terms of analysis, this conversation will be dominated by one side saying such voting is nothing but hatred of the Other, and the other side valorizing how awesome white culture is. Neither of those seems true, and there should be room for a left-wing view point that is discussing what’s going on in these white tribal communities, regarding the breakdown of trust and coherence.

If you want to read a conservative talk about this, you can go read Ed West.

On the other hand…

2. White ethnic tribalism just chose the worst leader possible. The advantage of a tribe is that you are supposed to be able to pick champions who disagree with you on some issues, but whom you still trust, and you admire their intelligence and integrity enough to look out for you. Instead, they made a rather ideological pick: “he may be terrible, you may hate everything he does, but that only makes us like him more.”

Trump is an idiot, he has the emotional health of a six year old, he surrounds himself with sycophants, and his attention span only lasts through people telling him what he wants and repeating his name. Far too many anti-immigration activists have overlooked this about him, in their enthusiasm for someone who shares their issue position finally. Because he has ignored the limits of the American federal system, he is completely unprepared to get the stuff done that he has promised to do. There will not be better trade agreements, immigration flows will not change, and old jobs lost to globalization and technology will not come back.

If ethnic tribalism can not pick good leaders, but just picks trolls in order to defy their enemies, it loses what few advantages over universal ideology it had.


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