Lots of good discussion of the Tribes vs Ideology post over at Tumblr. Check it out if you want to debate people.

Awesome Games Done Quick was this weekend. They raise money for charity by marathoning speed runs of classic video games.


Even after the political warfare that has devastated the gaming community, I find AGDQ a delightful tribal oasis. You kind of have to watch it to understand what I mean, but, they just really love showing off their skills and tricks, and raising money for anodyne causes. (Superficially at least) it’s free of drama and political one upsmanship, despite the many potential political arguments you could make about it (it looks 95% white male.) They’ve clearly just swept various problems under the rug, but you can’t deny that they’re happy.

If you just want to relax with atmospheric tribal happiness, you can watch their videos here. The blindfolded Ocarina run is amazing.


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