Tumblr Debates

If you read this tribalism blog but not my tumblr, then you may want to know there’s been active debates about tribalism vs individualism these past couple of days.

The initial discussion over the previous post I made about the joy of finding a group.

Balioc’s longer rant about the costs of tribalism, and Anaisnein’s support for that instead saying how important it is that basic needs are dealt with my impersonal forces.

My post on my own goals, including both Christian universalism, and short term tribalism.

An article by a mother who chooses ideology over her kids, and my somewhat angry reaction to that.

One last reply by a follower, that illustrates both why people are so upset at tribes, and why I don’t think we are just talking about basic needs here.

Some of these I have yet to respond to, and I may try to over the next few days. But really, I think the main points have been successfully expressed by all sides here.


One thought on “Tumblr Debates

  1. Quick, vague response to Balioc’s rant (assuming it’s the same one I read) on the costs of tribalism:
    Let’s pretend we have a spectrum of societies from
    Full Tribalism: You may only marry your cousin, your husband has 6 other wives, and you will spend your days herding goats, and the guys from the next tribe over are your Eternal Enemies, all the way to
    Full Atomization: You’re the only child of a single mom and you’re not even on speaking terms with her.

    There’s a LOT of space between FT and FA. Almost no one out here on the net is arguing for Full Tribalism, complete with goats and vendettas. Rather, I think they’re saying, “Hey, this atomization thing, perhaps it has gone too far. Perhaps we could use some of the good points of tribalism to make our own societies stronger. Maybe we could benefit from moving this slider a few degrees to the left so that I have someone to talk to.”

    Context is pretty important.


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